About us

About this blog

The aim of this blog is to give an honest and transparent account of what it is like to live, study and work abroad from a couple of millennials. We might be a couple of years late on the trend, but we decided to make a blog to share our stories. We do so both because it gives us a chance to reflect on the journey we are on and in the hope that it may encourage others to test their own boundaries and take the leap to study abroad.

About us

Anthon: At the moment, life includes long days in dark libraries and the occasional night out in Paris. I have lived in different parts of Denmark throughout my life and also abroad in Eritrea, Tanzania, Costa Rica, USA and France. I am going to London after finishing my studies in Paris.

Jarl: These days, life revolves around juggling thesis, the last lectures at HEC Paris, and trying to soak up the last experiences in Paris. Used to be quite the capable soccer player before the books took over. Will be heading back to Copenhagen in the fall.

Both of us from Jutland, we arrived green and fresh to Copenhagen in the summer of 2013 to begin our university studies. We initially met at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) where we both obtained a BSc in International Business. However, at this point in time, we only knew each other peripherally.

During the third year of our bachelor degree, we were both accepted to HEC Paris, Anthon to MSc in International Finance and Jarl to MSc in Strategic Management. Further, we got to know each other better as we both competed in international case competitions as part of the CBS Case Teams.

Having recently finished our studies, we are both about to begin our professional careers, Anthon in investment banking and Jarl in management consulting.

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